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Berghof Membrane Filtration

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Optimized crossfl ow for a reliable treatment of liquids


An innovative self-regulating concept that treats

BioAir DS

The revolutionary down Stream air distributor controls


A simple solution that produces water with the highest standards

About Berghof Membrane Technology ยป

With a long-term strategy the Berghof group of companies is involved in developing and producing pioneering work in friendly collaboration with customers and partners.

Established in 1966 as a private research institute we follow a tradition in which scientific insights are translated into practical business terms. The extensive professional skills of our employees, as well as the wide range of our commercial activities that today cover eight business units, are a reflection of this.

We are a versatile team of more than 200 expertsand specialists in eight product areas who arepassionate in their dedication to this remit.Our living values of cooperation, versatility anddiscernment characterise the basis for intensive andtrustworthy cooperation.

As an innovation hub we regard ourselves as anetworking organisation linking and bundling togetherthe skills of eight product areas with the experienceand knowledge of selected sectors. This flexiblecombination of our diverse skills under one umbrellaconsolidates our innovative vitality and forms thebasis of our corporate growth. In this way our customersbenefit from more than the expertise of just theproduct area in question: they profit from the strengthof the joint network.

The world population is growing, energy and raw materials are running out. The number of water courses that are free of contaminants is continually falling. As one of the leading manufacturers of membranes Berghof makes a significant contribution to improving water quality and to conserving resources. Berghof has more than 700 successful MBR reference applications worldwide which bear testament to this.

Berghof works exclusively together with equipment manufacturers. We offer our aid to businesses on a long term basis, from conception to commissioning. Our customers benefit from a comprehensive service that extends far beyond the confines of pure product conceptualisation.

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