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Ion Enterprises proprietary patented ION ScaleBuster® technology is a water purifying device which help users to control water hardness and also remove corrosion from the pipe line.The company manufacture a range of environmental water treatment devices under the trademarks of Scale Buster® and ISB®. Over the past years this technology has been installed by many well-known global companies with excellent results. Our products have been applied into more than 300,000 applications to date. The patented Scale Buster® technologycompletely replaces traditional chemical treatment; providing control of scale and corrosion in various water process systems to create an exceptionally clean system. This dramatically reduces energy and waterconsumption, while reducing or, in certain cases, eliminating toxic water discharge to the environment.

This product has been utilized for environmentally friendly water conditioning by the residential, commercial and industrial markets for more than 15 years.

The basic and primary function of the ION ScaleBuster® as a physical water conditioner is to inhibit and prevent scale and corrosion in general pipe-work, heating and plumbing equipment, appliances and processing equipment. The conditioner operates without any electrical power and has no moving components. The electrostatic device uses the dielectric characteristics of the metallic materials of its construction combined with the hydraulic conditions present during operation to force the precipitation of solid crystals in the water. This prevents scale and corrosion from forming and conditions the water to absorb scale already attached to internal equipment surfaces.

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