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Reclamation, Recycling & Reuse »

Recycle & Reuse is the latest trend in water cycle. It is becoming important day by day across all sectors because of increasing raw water cost, stringent discharge norms and increase water scarcity.

India is already in water stressed zone and if we don’t take corrective measures now, situation will become worse in coming days. In many cases, squeezing every drop out of the water and waste process has gone from superfluous to essential.

STP for Building Sector »

Now a days not only for Industry but also for Hotels, IT, ITES buildings etc., scarcity and stricter water quality regulations make domestic wastewater management an on-going challenge. Of course, as cities grow, so do their water needs. It is mandatory to install a STP.

However, not only from only statuary point of view but STP can also be a good source for water for low end usages. Treated sewage from a properly designed and run STP can be reuse back with some additional tertiary treatment.

With our knowledge, we can provide STP with various technologies such as conventional ASP process, Attached growth process or even MBR.

Common Treatment Technologies »

The degree of treatment depends entirely on the desired quality of the recycled wastewater application. We design and build a wide array of water treatment processes, providing the best technical solution for each specific need. Our solutions include Physio-chemical, Biological and Secondary clarification followed by tertiary treatment comprising Media filtration, Carbon adsorption and membrane treatment (Ultrafiltration, Membrane Bioreactors, Nano filtration and/or Reverse Osmosis) and disinfection.

Food & Beverage »

We offer a complete range of water and wastewater treatment equipment and technologies for the food and beverage industry. From Media filtration to membrane separation, we have the process know how available with us. Our wastewater treatment technologies include Physio-chemical, biological and recycling which provides our esteemed customers with the complete solution to their needs to achieve not only regulatory compliance but also recycle& reuse.

Swimming Pool Solutions »

We offer complete solutions for swimming pool requirement. The complete ranges of various equipments are available with us.

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